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Something rotten in the state

Guardian photo

Adrian Beecroft, Chairman of Dawn Capital, major investors in Wonga, has donated £593,076 to the Conservative Party.

Yesterday, George Osborne announced a seven day delay between somebody losing their job and being able to claim jobseeker’s allowance. It’s an act guaranteed to push more of the country’s poorest into the hands of the payday loan sharks (so much so that the media have dubbed it the ‘Wonga Budget’).

*Five days* prior to Osborne’s announcement, Wonga raised their APR by 1600% to a staggering  5,853%. A remarkable coincidence; almost too remarkable to be credible.

We’re all in it together? Beecroft & Osborne are in it together, up to their fat necks. Corruption of the body politic so pervasive and so foul that the only treatment is amputation.