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Gross Abuse

The conclusion of the second report from Operation Herne, the enquiry examining abuses committed by officers from the Metropolitan Police’s Special Demonstrations Squad (SDS) whilst operating undercover, states:

“Irrespective of the more recent introduction of RIPA legislation and the improved training and management of undercover officers, there are and never have been any circumstances where it would be appropriate for such covertly deployed officers to engage in intimate sexual relationships with those they are employed to infiltrate and target. Such an activity can only be seen as an abject failure of the deployment, a gross abuse of their role and their position as a police officer and an individual and organisational failing.”

SDS officers such as Bob Lambert and Mark Kennedy do not deny having engaged in fraudulent intimate & sexual relationships – Lambert even fathered and abandoned a child whilst undercover.  It follows, then, that the authors of Herne – the Derbyshire Constabulary – regard the deployments of those officers as ‘abject failures’ and believe that they ‘grossly abused their roles and positions as police officers’. That being the case, why the hell has Lambert still got a place as an academic in two universities and an MBE?

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the Metropolitan Police are putting every procedural device in the way of the victims of their abuse, who are seeking redress in the High Court.  It seems that gross abuse has just become a habit for the Metropolitan police.