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Bob Lambert MBE – What a difference an imminent prosecution makes

It’s an insight into the character of Bob Lambert MBE to see how the language of the odious serial abuser has changed over the last seven days.

In a BBC piece of 28th June in which two of the victims of his abuse told their stories, his statement to Channel 4’s dispatches betrayed not the slightest suggestion that he believed he had done anything wrong:

The work of an undercover officer is complex, dangerous and sensitive and it would take some considerable time and the co-operation of my former police employers to provide the full background, context and detail necessary to address the matters which have been raised.

By the 5th of July, that bullish rhetoric has changed – almost miraculously – to abject apology.

There are two possible explanations for this change of tone.  The first is that after forty years of moral coma and in a span of just seven days, Bob Lambert MBE has undergone a damascene conversion.  He has realised that his activities as a member and later leader of the Metropolitan Police’s utterly discredited SDS squad were morally repugnant.  He is overwhelmed with contrition and the compelling need to make amends to his victims and to the public he was meant to have been serving at the time.

The other possibility is that he is lying.  Could it be possible that Bob Lambert MBE, the man professionally trained by the Metropolitan Police to lie, who lied when he took on the name of a dead child, who lied over many years to people he called his friends and his lovers, who lied when he abandoned his child and who lied under oath in court, is a liar?

Why would he lie?  It’s not hard to suggest a plausible reason.  Bob Lambert MBE is entirely aware that the legal net is finally drawing tight around him and that it is well-nigh certain that he will be prosecuted for his crimes.  He understands that the Metropolitan Police will never publicly endorse the abusive relationships he made to establish his alibis (whether they endorsed them at the time or not).  When they abandon him – as they will – his goose is cooked.  As a policeman (albeit a very bad one) he knows the importance that the expression of remorse prior to conviction plays in determining severity of sentence.

Bob Lambert MBE has demonstrated over many years that his overwhelming interest – the thing that eclipses everything else in importance – is the preservation of his own skin.  It should come as no surprise to anybody that it continues to be his primary concern.

Did I mention – I forget – that Bob Lambert was awarded an MBE in 2008 for ‘services to police work’?