Jackdaw cover with eye 2Jackdaw is my first novel, a gothic mystery.  My cover blurb describes it thus:

Paranormal investigator James d’Orr is more at home exposing fraudulent mediums in Edwardian London than racing across the windswept moors of the North Yorkshire Dales.

But when the young heiress of Arkengarth engages him to investigate a family curse that threatens her sanity and her life, he is plunged into a deadly adventure from which even his extraordinary abilities may not be able to save him.

I set out to write an unashamedly escapist adventure, a ‘rattling yarn’  that would transport readers to another time and place, populated with larger-than-life characters and with enough twists and turns to keep them on their toes. It has ancient curses, steampunk engineering, vast subterranean ruins, slam-bang action, a dash of romance and a hint of the supernatural.  Oh, and Billy Bones, d’Orr’s pint-sized sidekick.

You can read an extract from it HERE.

Some of those who have already read Jackdaw have been curious about d’Orr’s ‘back-story’ – why are his eyes so peculiar?  How did he acquire his weird talents?  What about the thing he keeps in the attic?  All these mysteries and more will be explored in the next Jackdaw novel and – hopefully – in subsequent stories.  There’s a lot more to tell.

I’m already working on the second novel in the Jackdaw series, The Society Witchdoctor.  Without giving too much away, it starts as Jackdaw does, with a spectacular action set piece that leads d’Orr into a dark and deadly game of cat-and-mouse with an adversary whose powers seem greater than d’Orr’s at every turn and whose evil ambitions reach high into Edwardian society.

Combined sales of Jackdaw are approaching 1,000, which makes me think that the effort of writing it was not wasted.  Here are some of the reviews that kind readers have left on the publication websites:

***** “From page one this book had me and I just couldn’t put it down,”

***** “Sherlock Holmes meets James Bond, with a dash of sci-fi and lots of vivid description. A great, very entertaining read.”

***** “Great read with characters you want to meet again. Fast moving, gripping, great period setting, brilliant descriptions that keep you hooked. Couldn’t put it down!”

 ***** “Jackdaw was recommended to me by a friend; she showed me the first two pages and I was instantly hooked. It’s the ultimate page turner, a romping gothic mystery with twists and turns that will tear at your heart in places. But what struck me most is that this is Mr Manthorp’s first novel. Believe me, it doesn’t read like the average first novel. In fact, he’s a masterful and genuinely original writer. I felt a similar excitement reading Gaiman’s Neverwhere years ago.”

So now you’re hopefully dying to read it, where can you buy Jackdaw?  If you have a Kindle you can buy the Kindle edition HERE.

If you have a Kobo reader or other ePub file format reader, you can buy it in ePub format HERE.

Remember with Kindle & ePub formats you can download free, high quality eReader apps for your computer, tablet and mobile phone; no need to buy a dedicated reader (though they’re lovely gadgets!)

If, like me, you just love the touch & feel of a proper book made from trees, then you can order the print edition of Jackdaw HERE.

I’ve worked hard to make Jackdaw an enjoyable read.  If you do enjoy it, please, please tell your friends and (especially!) give it a little review on the site you bought it from.  I can’t afford expensive advertising campaigns, so I am entirely reliant on my own efforts and positive word of mouth to promote sales.  And it does work; every new review, no matter how short, causes a spike in sales.

I hope you enjoy Jackdaw!



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