Dying For Hammer

Cover illustration by Kit Cox

Dying for Hammer

I actually began my second novel, Dying for Hammer, some time before I started Jackdaw.  It just took longer to get to the stage where I felt it was complete and worth reading.  It’s a very different book: a raucous, vulgar comedy dripping with gore.  Here’s what I’ve said about it in my cover blurb:

Michael is a blot on the landscape of Karnstein: a foul, boorish bumpkin whose only concern is where his next pint is coming from.  So when he decides to help a group of strangers find their missing friend, none of the locals care much whether he lives or dies.

When he does both, however, the bloody certainties of the village start to unravel: and for Michael, questions arise as to whether his life might have more meaning than he – or anyone else – might have believed.

With a cast of much-loved British film actors and a plot that will be familiar to any fan of Hammer horror films, Steve Manthorp’s short novel is the crudest, goriest – and laugh-out-loud funniest – exploration of existential uncertainty you will read this year.

I can’t guarantee that if you enjoyed Jackdaw, you’ll enjoy Dying for Hammer, but I hope you will.  I wrote both.  You can download the first two chapters from Kindle (even without a Kindle reader), which should be enough for you to decide whether you’d enjoy reading the whole novel.  Both have the same tasteful and restrained cover illustration by the inestimable Kit Cox.

You can buy (or try a taste of) Dying for Hammer in the Kindle version HERE.

If you prefer a paperback you can buy one from Lulu HERE.

As with Jackdaw, if you do enjoy Dying for Hammer, please, please leave a review on either Amazon or Lulu.  Every review always produces a spike in sales.  I have three goldfish to feed.