Prime Minister Brown


Via Channel 4

The Camerons are currently on holiday on the Algarve.  I’ve never known anybody take more holidays than David Cameron.  He’s already had a week in Ibiza and after his fortnight in Portugal he has holidays in Cornwall and Scotland lined up, all before Parliament reconvenes in September.  He always buggers off somewhere over the winter recess, too.

Presumably he sees it as a well-deserved break; well, five well-deserved breaks.  For a politician to be quite so self-indulgent, he must presumably be content that he has done all he can for the people he pledged to serve; the 52% of UK households who are struggling to get by from day to day, the businesses unable to secure loans, the unemployed and those on low pay, the young, the sick and disabled. Presumably, they’re free to go on holiday too, whenever they want.

But the Prime Minister had better take care.  When he gets home, his plump baby-pink skin bronzed by the Mediterranean sun, he might steer clear of London Underground stations for a week or so, for fear of being stopped for questioning by UKBA thugs challenging him to prove his right to stay in the UK, based upon their key operational grounds for suspicion, the colour of his skin.

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