Welcome to My Name is Legion!

I do bollocks on about all sorts of stuff, to anybody who I think might be interested, sympathetic or occasionally antipathetic to what I have to say.

I carry the bollocksing-on over to social media too, particularly Twitter and Facebook.  But social media has limitations.  On the one hand it’s ephemeral, with your posts washed rapidly downstream and out of sight: on the other hand, what is out of sight is not necessarily out of reach, for very little that you post is actually washed away; it just joins the vast ocean of bollocksing on, to be trawled by search engines and made available for serendipitous rediscovery, out of time and out of context.  At least with my own site I have some limited ability to manage my own content.

I hope that you will bookmark www.mynameislegion.org, drop in every now and then for a visit and feel free to make comments.  I reserve the right to occasionally polish my own prose and to remove any comments I find offensive, but I don’t anticipate doing either much.

Thanks for visiting!

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